Our Projects

Book Projects

In 2002, EKTTS began its book donation program through the establishment of the Massive Book Drive. EKTTS started the first outreach with a donation of twenty 40’ containers of books donated by the International Book Bank, a US based nonprofit organization committed to support schools and higher education institutions in developing countries.

The project is the first, the biggest, and relatively speaking, the most successful project in EKTTS’ portfolio of activities. The project has two complementary objectives: the first is to make books abundantly available to the general public and thereby to influence the readership habit of the people by expanding and improving public and private library services in the country. This is an important step towards realizing the knowledge and technology transfer objectives. The second, and perhaps more timely objective, is to respond to the ever-growing book demand in the rapidly expanding Ethiopian education system.

To date, EKTTS has implemented over twenty book projects mobilizing over 70 containers comprising more than 1.4 million books to thousands of students throughout Ethiopia.

Medical Projects

In 2005, EKTTS partnered with the Ethiopian North American Health Professional Association (ENAHPA) to bring medical books, teaching equipment and material, medication and supplies from NGOs, donor organizations, hospitals and clinics overseas for re-use in medical schools and hospital in Ethiopia. The project was concluded in 2007.

Computer Projects

Following the success of its Massive Book Drive, in 2006 EKTTS began its Massive Computer Drive program with the receipt of its first 40’ container (400 refurbished computers) from the Bethany Negash Memorial Foundation, a US based international organization founded by an Ethiopian American, Dr. Solomon Negash. The Bethany Negash Memorial Foundation continued to support EKTTS’ computer donation and distribution program until 2008 with a total of 1,200 refurbished PCs donated.

EKTTS currently partners with Computer Aid International, a UK-based charity organization. Computer Aid International is the world’s largest supplier of refurbished computers for re-use in schools and nonprofit organizations in developing countries.

To date, EKTTS has mobilized 4,200 computers to various schools and educational institutions throughout Ethiopia.